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Legislation from closed chambers – how (un)democratic is the EU?


The leaders of the European Union guide democracy in name only. In practice, they constantly override it and violate fundamental democratic norms on a grand scale. The anti-democratic practices in the Council of the EU, also known as the Council of Ministers, are a real scandal. IE-member Harald Schumann is convinced: Anyone who follows the passage of legislation in the EU, and in particular the means by which monetary union is controlled, must come to this conclusion.

Legislation from closed chambers – how (un)democratic is the EU?2019-05-16T11:59:43+00:00

Journalists and the “Yellow Vests”: a story of love and hate


The Yellow Vests have dominated the headlines in France and internationally for a while now, challenging President Macron, but also the journalists who are covering the movement. We all have seen the images of violent protests, but who are the aggressors and who are the victims? Are we ourselves too fast to judge the protestors and their motives? French freelance journalist Jordan Pouille draws a more differentiated picture than you might expect.

Journalists and the “Yellow Vests”: a story of love and hate2019-05-16T11:57:07+00:00
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