Who’s been meddling in Macedonia? Not only who you think


BY NIKOLAS LEONTOPOULOS Greece and Macedonia were pressured by the US, NATO and the EU to sign a deal that most people in both countries reject. And yet, according to the narrative adopted by western media it was solely Russia who “meddled”, “orchestrated”, “agressed”. Evidence on the ground shows a much more mixed and disturbing reality. For more than a quarter of a century the Macedonia name issue has been arguably one of the most incomprehensible (and – yes! - boring) issues in Europe. Until suddenly it turned into a plot combining characters from le Carré Cold War [...]

Who’s been meddling in Macedonia? Not only who you think2018-12-16T22:29:10+00:00

The EU Commission’s hubris over the Greek wildfires


BY NIKOLAS LEONTOPOULOS Launching a spin campaign on three fronts (Brussels, Italy, Greece) the EU Commission argued that since 2010 not only were there no cuts in Greece’s firefighting budget but on the contrary spending for the firefighters’ service actually increased. However, a simple fact-check of the official data tells a completely different story: From the outset of the Greek crisis until today the fire service suffered cuts in total of 600 million (is starting from the 2011 budget) to one billion euros (from the 2010 budget), but this has not stopped the Commission officials from continuing to spread [...]

The EU Commission’s hubris over the Greek wildfires2018-09-22T19:58:37+00:00
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