3 04, 2020

Facebook and Instagram Have a Serious Coronavirus Problem

Despite having announced a ban on such content weeks ago, ads for masks and other medical supplies continue to circulate widely on Facebook and Instagram, raising questions about the platforms’ ability or willingness to protect the public from fraudsters and profiteers in the midst of a pandemic.

30 03, 2020

Europe Divided Over ‘Coronabonds’

The debate over Europe’s collective future has reached a critical level. Three countries oppose 'coronabonds', while thirteen see them as essential. The Eurogroup’s President told Investigate Europe: “We are not taking options off the table, as we cannot let this health crisis morph into a deep and protracted economic and financial crisis.”

24 03, 2020

Europe’s failure to cooperate on Covid-19 is a universal problem

“Cooperation is essential,” warn the experts. Yet across Europe countries have adopted contradictory strategies to combat Covid-19, taking individualised approaches to testing, preventing contagion and managing medical supplies. We examine the dire impact of contradictory and protectionist measures being implemented by Europe's governments.

17 03, 2020

First Lesson of the Crisis: We are More Equal Than we Think

While the threat of Covid-19 has resulted in deserted streets in all the major European cities, the first signs of spring have seen people flocking to the beaches in Portugal and Greece, while in Norway this weekend people headed to their holiday cottages in the mountains. In this article Paulo Pena descries how these first weeks of isolation have shown us to be more equal than perhaps we'd like to think.

13 03, 2020

BORDERLANDS – Minor Migrants Imprisoned In Europe

Condemnation of the Trump administration’s decision to detain and separate minors from their families at the Mexican border has been almost unanimous. But do European governments treat minors migrants any better? This is the question that launched Investigate Europe’s investigation in 2019, and which led us to those parts of Europe most under pressure from the arrival of migrants. From the remote island of Mayotte in the Comoros Archipelago, to cosmopolitan airports in Berlin, Lisbon or London – everywhere we found examples of children being detained, against international rules, whose only crime is that they are trying to enter European territory without permission.

10 03, 2020

Keeping them out: How European governments ignored minor migrants for months

When Greece asked other countries to divide 2,500 of the country’s then 4,500 single minors between them six months ago, most rejected the request. Investigate Europe asked the governments why. Their answers reveal that a common and humane European asylum policy has become a fiction. The European consensus is to help Greece keep refugees out. Now a feeble and reluctant “coalition of willing” is emerging. It is likely too little, too late to avert more chaos in the country tasked with containing migration.

19 02, 2020

Europe’s new refugee regime: Pushing external borders to the limit

The task of receiving refugees has largely been left to Greece. While asylum centres in northern Europe shut down, 40,000 children and adults remain crammed into refugee camps on Greek Islands in unsanitary and dangerous conditions. Without a collective approach this winter, there are warnings that the entire system may collapse.