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Big promises, unknown risks

January 13th, 2019

Credits: Art Direction & Motion Graphics Design: Alexia Barakou Sound design: Panagiotis Papagiannopoulos & Alexis Koukias-Pantelis Narration: Pavlos Zafiropoulos


Are you happy with 4G mobile? You may be, but governments and industry are already looking at the next level – 5G –  and the infrastructure for ‘smart homes’ and the ‘internet of things’. According to EU plans, Europe will be hyper-connected by 2025.

And why the rush? So that Europe will not lose out to the USA and China in a global race for dominance.

So what is the problem? A growing body of science that warns of health risks from long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation by mobile technology. There is almost no research on the effects of the higher frequencies needed for 5G.

You’ll be connected. But at what price?

As part of this investigation we spoke to many scientists involved in the definition of limits and standards. We have criticised the system as being a “closed club”. To make the common core of the investigation more accessible to our readers we are now publishing an animated graphic showing the connection of the scientific bodies and the researchers, along with excerpts of the interviews.

Read more in the following publications.

Media Partners

“Big data, multiplication des antennes et des ondes : bienvenue dans le monde merveilleux de la 5G”
“Big data, and the multiplication of antennas and waves: welcome to the wonderful world of 5G”
“Snart kommer supernettet og alle tingene dine kan snakke sammen”
“With the coming 5G super net your things may talk to each other”
“5G krever antenner overalt: Smartby-sjefen i Stavanger forberedt på konflikter”
“5G requires antennas everywhere: Smart city manager in Stavanger prepared for conflicts”
“Forskere kaller 5G et folkehelse-eksperime”
“Scientists call 5G a public health experiment”
“5G utfordrer faregrensene”
“5G challenges safety limits”
“Forskere fant kreft i rotter etter mobilstråling”
“Scientists found cancer in rats following mobile radiation”
“Strålevernet baserer seg på omstridt forskergruppe”
“Radiation authorities rely on controversial group of scientists”

“Alle vil bli først til 5G-samfunnet. Men hvem skal betale?”
“Everyone wants to be first with 5G. But who will pay?”
“Trådløst i norske skoler, men franske skoler skal skru av”
“Wireless in Norwegian schools, while French schools are to turn it off”
Etterlyser føre var-prinsipp for 5G”
“Calls for precaution with 5G”

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