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London’s financial district, March 22nd 2020. Credit: Tansy E Hoskins


Special Report: Covid 19


In light of the crisis sweeping Europe our team has decided to use our position as a cross-border team to look at the political landscape and the different national strategies being followed. At a time when Europe should unite and follow best practice, we will examine the dangerous impact of national governments taking contradictory and individualist measures.

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Facebook and Instagram Have a Serious Coronavirus Problem

Despite having announced a ban on such content weeks ago, ads for masks and other medical supplies continue to circulate widely on Facebook and Instagram, raising questions about the platforms’ ability or willingness to protect the public from fraudsters and profiteers in the midst of a pandemic.

Read the full story by Thodoris Chondrogiannos and Nikolas Leontopoulos / Investigate Europe

Civil Liberties Under Threat From ‘Covtech’ Surveillance Apps

The race is on to create an app that uses smart phones to help the authorities track and prevent the spread of the Covid-19. But could such apps cause a contagion of overruled civil liberties and allow private companies to abuse our most personal data?

Read the full story by Maria Maggiore

Europe Divided Over ‘Coronabonds’

The debate over Europe’s collective future has reached a critical level. Three countries oppose coronabonds, while thirteen see them as essential. The Eurogroup’s President told Investigate Europe: “We are not taking options off the table, as we cannot let this health crisis morph into a deep and protracted economic and financial crisis.”

Read the full story by Paulo Pena, Harald Schumann and Jef Poortmans

Interactive Graph: Covid 19 in Europe

Click here  for Investigate Europe’s graph based on hourly updated data from Johns Hopkins University.

We compiled the data of all EEA states for one common ‘Europe’ chart to show the situation we face together. But you can also chose to single out and compare the situation of different countries. One page shows deaths from Covid 19 – a country appears when it has recorded ten deaths. The next page shows confirmed cases of the virus.

Europe’s failure to cooperate on Covid-19 is a universal problem

“Cooperation is essential,” warn the experts. Yet across Europe countries have adopted contradictory strategies to combat Covid-19, taking individualised approaches to testing, preventing contagion and managing medical supplies. We examine the dire impact of contradictory and protectionist measures being implemented by Europe’s governments.

Read the full story by Paulo Pena

First Lesson of the Crisis: We Are More Equal Than We Think

While the threat of Covid-19 has resulted in deserted streets in all the major European cities, the first signs of spring have seen people flocking to the beaches in Portugal and Greece, while in Norway this weekend people headed to their holiday cottages in the mountains. In this article Paulo Pena descries how these first weeks of isolation have shown us to be more equal than perhaps we’d like to think.

Read the full report from Paulo Pena.

Media Partners

Combater o coronavírus é uma tarefa nacional ou europeia?
Is fighting the coronavirus a national or European task?
Wie die EU in der Coronakrise versagt
How the EU failed in the corona crisis

Newsweek Polska, Poland.
March 25, 2020

Europejski chaos. Epidemia mogła nas ominąć, gdyby rządzący posłuchali małego unijnego instytutu
European chaos. The epidemic could have bypassed us if the rulers listened to a small EU institute
Coronabonds: a Europa numa nova crise, e a solução evidente
Coronabonds: the obvious solution in a new European crisis

Klassekampen, Norway
March 31, 2020

Portugals statsminister: – Enten gjør EU det som må gjøres, ellers er det slutt:
Eurosona trues på livet
Portuguese Prime Minister: Either the EU does what needs to be done, or it ends. The threat to the life of the Eurozone
Da Varsavia a Parigi: un grande fratello (a fin di bene) per tutti
From Warsaw to Paris: a big brother (good) for everyone
Meldte Norge inn i EUs felles medisinkjøp etter at korona-epidemien traff. Tre dager for seint
Norway joined the EU’s joint medical purchase after the start of the corona epidemic. Three days too late.
Meldte Norge inn i EUs felles medisinkjøp etter at korona-epidemien traff. Tre dager for seint.
Norway joined the EU’s joint medical purchase after the start of the corona epidemic. Three days too late.
Meldte Norge inn i EUs felles medisinkjøp etter at korona-epidemien traff. Tre dager for seint
Norway joined the EU’s joint medical purchase after the start of the corona epidemic. Three days too late.
In Olanda prime crepe nel fronte del rigore: “Rutte & C. solo egoisti”
In the Netherlands the first cracks in the austerity front

Trends, Belgium
March 31, 2020

Hoe de coronacrisis Europa maakt of kraakt
How the corona crisis will make or break Europe
Bitte keine Fortsetzung der alten Krisenschlacht!
Please do not continue the old crisis battle!

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Europe’s dire dependency on Microsoft

All across Europe, from Finland to Portugal, Ireland to Greece, the information technology (IT) of government administrations is based on Microsoft programmes. But because digital systems are constantly growing in both size and importance, countries are becoming ever increasingly dependent on this single corporation.


Europe’s Border Regime

Military-style command centres, databases of millions of people, massive surveillance through remote-controlled drones, billion-Euro research and national procurement programmes. Far from the public eye, the governments of the European Union are pursuing a weighty long-term plan to use technology on a massive scale for the control of the European borders.

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