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Credit: IE/Alexia Barakou


Operation “Lame Rebellion” – Inside a Troll Farm

October 28th, 2019

A commercial troll farm, in Poland, with connections to the state defence industry and supported by money from the State Fund for Disabled People – exposed by Fundacja Reporterow and Investigate Europe.

For the past six-months young Polish journalist, Katarszyna Pruszkiewicz, joined our investigation on disinformation and worked – with the support of IE member Wojciech Ciesla and his Polish journalism NGO Fundacja Reporterow – undercover for a commercial troll farm in Wroclaw. Together with her troll-colleagues she has managed almost 200 fake accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, has written thousands of messages and comments, promoted her clients’ products and trolled their competitors, run hidden support campaigns for, and smear campaigns against, politicians.

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In light of the crisis sweeping Europe our team has decided to use our position as a cross-border team to look at the political landscape and the different national strategies being followed. At a time when Europe should unite and follow best practice, we will examine the dangerous impact of national governments taking contradictory and individualist measures.



The national Governments of the 27 EU Member States control the central legislative body of the EU – the Council of the European Union. In more than 150 committees, officials negotiate and barter. European citizens never find out exactly who negotiates the paragraphs of hundreds of laws that govern our lives. Investigate Europe will follow Council proceedings and – whenever possible – report on which government is blocking or watering down legislative proposals, and with whom it is in league.