Inside a Troll Farm


For six-months an undercover journalist joined our investigation team looking into disinformation. Working for a commercial troll farm in Warsaw, she and her colleagues managed almost 200 profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, wrote thousands of messages and comments, promoted her clients products and trolled politicians and her clients' competitors. Read our report on what the troll farm work was described internally as the "Lame Rebellion"

Energy privatisation: Bankers threatened Portuguese Government


This is the story of how the bankers used China as a threat against the Portuguese government, using their close connection to ministers in the right-wing coalition government. The bank menaced the Prime Minister, both directly and through some of his closest friends, with the threat that China could stop diplomatic relations with Portugal, and suggested that there might be resignations of members of the government that believed he was opposing the deal. Investigate Europe (IE) spoke to key stakeholders and discovered privatisation from behind the scenes.

China: Rescuer or Rival


The rise of China to an economic superpower poses a strategic dilemma for European governments. The 1.4 billion-people empire in the Far East has become an indispensable part of its economy, as a sales market as well as investor. But with an increasingly bitter trade war between the US and China, Europe is finding itself caught in the middle without a clear and united policy on how it deals with Chinese investment.

The disinformation machine


The rise of digital platforms has changed the way, and the type of information that is shared faster than society, laws and even politicians can keep up with. Now minor (and often malevolent) actors and political fringe groups have access to a far-reaching medium which can be used to proliferate disinformation and stir resentments of all kind.