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The disinformation machine

Right-wing populists dominate the political discourse on social media platforms in Europe far more than their voter share would suggest.

Digital platforms allow minor (and often malevolent) actors and political fringe groups to have access to a far-reaching medium that can be used to proliferate disinformation and stir resentments of all kind, and there are plausible arguments to link the rise of the Neo-nationalists in the US and across Europe with this new phenomenon.

The Investigate Europe team of journalists has spoken to more than 100 experts, scientists, politicians and social media platform staff to find out how the disinformation engine works, who controls it, who uses it and how public authorities and companies react to it. The result: Europe is not sufficiently prepared to stop the disinformation machine.

Far right groups shout the loudest on social media

You can read the English version of a pre-news we published before the main publication, in an article by Nico Schmidt that originally appeared in Der Tagesspiegel and has been translated for this website. You will also find links to our media partners that have published the News in German, Dutch and Portuguese.

Legislation from closed chambers – how (un)democratic is the EU?

The leaders of the European Union guide democracy in name only. In practice, they constantly override it and violate fundamental democratic norms on a grand scale. The anti-democratic practices in the Council of the EU, also known as the Council of Ministers, are a real scandal. IE-member Harald Schumann is convinced: Anyone who follows the passage of legislation in the EU, and in particular the means by which monetary union is controlled, must come to this conclusion.

BlackRock: The financial leviathan that bears down on Europe’s decisions

We have recently published an English translation of a report written by our colleague, Jordan Pouille, for Mediapart. We hope this will make our research on BlackRock – and with it our main findings – accessible to all our readers. The report looks at the financial and political influence of one of the most powerful investment companies in the world.

How much is safe?

As part of our investigation into 5G, we spoke to many scientists involved in the definition of limits and standards. We have criticised the system as being a “closed club”.

To make the common core of the investigation more accessible to our readers we are now publishing an animated graphic showing the connection of the scientific bodies and the researchers, along with excerpts of the interviews.

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