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Here you find excerpts of the international coverage about Investigate Europe, its team members and investigations.

Le Figaro: “Pourquoi populismes et réseaux sociaux font-ils si bon ménage”

May 15th 2019

A Le Figaro article on the success of the extreme right in social media that opens with the Investigate Europe investigation on the subject. (in French):

Le Figaro

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Presse Club: “Schicksalswahl für Europa – Alarmismus oder ernste Gefahr?”

May 13th 2019

Investigate Europe’s Harald Schumann on the leading German tv channel ARD (in German):


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Arte: “Lorries Invading Europe”

May 7th 2019

This Arte documentary by Jens Niehuss looks at why the number of trucks on Europe’s roads will increase by 40% in five years and the implications of this (in German with English subtitles):

Lorries Invading Europe

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Award for BlackRock investigation

April 5th 2019

Members of IE attended an award ceremony in Berlin to collect the “Hans-Mattthöfer-Preis” for our work looking into BlackRock. It was one of our toughest research tasks to date: to shed light on BlackRock’s investment in Europe.

Award for IE for BlackRock investigation

Photo: Oliver Moldenhauer for IE. Left to right: Historian and award winner Adam Tooze, IE team members Maria Maggiore and Elisa Simantke, Head of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Kurt Beck, IE team member Harald Schumann, Jury members Brigitte Preissl and Thomas Fricke.

“RAI Radio 1: “Rivoluzione 5G, rischi per la salute?”

March 2nd 2019

Investigate Europe journalist Maria Maggiore asked about IE’s recent investigation on 5G; the risks for health and the lack of a public debate on this huge society change (in Italian):

Eurojust : oltre 600 casi dal Desk Italia nel 2018

Screenshot / Website “Surveillance study network awards journalist prize”

January 9th 2018

Investigate Europe was awarded by the Surveillance study network for it’s investigation about the European border regime:

Europes Precariat

Screenshot / Website

Ingenium Magazine: “Data journalism for everyone”
interview with Crina Boros

September 7th 2017

The Italian tech magazine “ingenium” interviewed our team member Crina Boros on data journalism and the goals of Investigate Europe.
You can find the whole interview here (in Italian):

Europes Precariat

Screenshot / Website ingenium magazine

Tech Economy: “Does Microsoft dependency affect the EU?”

May 26th, 2017

Article and interview in the Tech Economy magazine about our investigation on Europe’s dire dependency on Microsoft.
You can read the full Italian version here:

Europes Precariat

Screenshot / Website Tech Economy

BR5: “One topic, 28 countries”

March 3rd 2017

Interview with our founder Harald Schuman about his motivation for a Europe-wide research and the fundraising of Investigate Europe.
To hear the full interview (in German) just follow the link:

Europes Precariat

Screenshot / Website BR5

WDR3: “The United Journalists of Europe”

January 17th 2017

InvestigateEurope live on air: German radio (WDR3) spoke with Harald Schumann about the work of our cross-border research team, the failure of media during the Euro-crisis and our first publication on the (dysfunctional) European border regime.

The whole Interview (in German) can be found here:

Medium Magazin: “Investigation without borders”

December 29th, 2016

The German Medium Magazin reports about Investigate Europe and about the work of our editorial coordinator Elisa Simantke.

Europes Precariat

Screenshot / Medium Magazin

Last weekend Aftenposten, Bergens Tindende, Andresseavissen and Fædrelandsvennen published an article called “Boundless control”. It was the first in a series arising out of the new journalistic network Investigate Europe.

Former Stavanger Aftenblad journalist Ingeborg Eliassen is the reporter behind the Norwegian cases and only Norwegian member of the network, which otherwise consists of journalists from Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Britain.

Quote from Ingeborg Eliassen: “More and more decisions are taken at European level. But many issues are still being reported in a national context, and the scope is therefore often not so clear”

Read more (in Norwegian) via “Fritt Ord-supported network on Europe journalism behind story on European external borders”

December 15th, 2016

Europes Precariat

Screenshot / Website

Wirtualnemedia: “Nine journalists investigate the borders of Europe”

December 13th, 2016

The project team “Investigate Europe” consists of nine European journalists. The team is committed to the study of topics important for Europe (…) “The strange story of a robot who catches refugees” can be read in the current issue of “Newsweek” and parts of the reports were also published via Polish member is Woijech Ciesla, investigative reporter at Newsweek Polska…

Read more (in polish) via

Europes Precariat

Screenshot / Website “Wirtualnemedia”

Turi 2 : “Journalists start international research-network”

December 11th, 2016

“Nine journalists got together to reveal political scandals at the highest political level. The new project is coordinated by Elisa Simantke (former Tagesspiegel journalist) and Harald Schumann (still with Tagesspiegel)….”

Continue reading (in german) via :

Europes Precariat

Screenshot / Turi 2 website

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