Share your story on cross-border train travel with us

Colourful photograph of a train stopped at an empty station

We are in the final stages of our investigation into European Railways and the system’s desolate shape all across the continent. But before we publish the results, we want to tune into your experiences with train travel through Europe.

  • Do you have fun, interesting, disappointing, hopeful, positive or horrible stories while crossing borders on the train? Did you make connections with fellow passengers?
  • Have you ever traveled with an Interrail pass? Or used the night train? How was it?
  • Did you ever try (and fail?) to book a train instead of flights?
  • What is be your biggest wish or dream for cross-border train travel?

Share your best stories with us in the form below or via email:

We’re interested in all destinations, different perspectives, and the anecdotes one tells friends about. The more stories, the fuller picture. With your help, we hope to publish our first community article alongside the investigation. That’s why we ask you to submit your entries by 5th November 2021.