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Fossil fuel subsidies, Blackrock’s looming influence, child detention, sweatshops, troll farms, Chinese state influence in Europe — our cross border team of investigative journalists specialise in detailed reporting.

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Latest newsletters:

19/08/2020 Dutch lack of solidarity, child trafficking in Europe

This end-of-summer message from our Editorial Director also provides an update on our latest publications. Harald Schumann writes a critical column about the ‘frugal’ Dutch stance taken during the Coronavirus relief package negotiations in July (this is part of our ongoing ‘Secrets of the Council’ investigation). Meanwhile, Leïla Miñano’s latest report delves into the trafficking of Vietnamese children at France’s Roissy airport.

02/07/2020 Dirty Subsidies: How Europe sabotages its climate goals

In our latest investigation, we uncover the vast amounts of money spent by European states on subsidising their fossil fuel industries — at least €137 billion per year. This is at odds with the goals of the European Green Deal, an ambitious plan designed to tackle the climate crisis. And, as part of our ‘Secrets of the Council’ investigation, our columnist argues that EU reforms cannot be left half undone.

12/06/2020 5G: Health risks and conspiracies, New website, Covid-19 Vaccine

Coronavirus rumours have led people to destroy 5G masts in several countries. As our reporters, and specialists in this topic, Ingeborg Eliassen and Paulo Pena, write in this months column: These actions overshadow real concerns about the health effects of the technology. We revisited our material and are providing more of our in-depth research to show what there is to be concerned about and what is unsubstantiated.

20/05/2020 Covid-19: A Vaccine For Us All?

We follow the public money spent on the hunt for a Covid-19 vaccine to find that most grants and loans are given without the necessary conditions to ensure global supply and a fair access. If too little is done to prevent “vaccine nationalism,” in the end the public will pay the price. Plus background material and Expert Interviews. Find it here: Covid-19: A Vaccine For Us All?

02/04/2020 Covid-19 Special: Contagion Apps, Eurobonds, Interactive Coronatracker

This month’s column by Italian Investigate Europe member Maria Maggiore asks the question: Could such apps cause a contagion of overruled civil liberties and allow private companies to abuse our most personal data? Plus, in-depth reporting into the question of Coronabonds, and why division in Europe could spell catastrophe.

17/03/2020 Exclusive: Greece’s ignored plea for help + Jailed minor migrants

Our in-depth Covid-19 reporting begins with our column: First lesson of the crisis: We are more equal than we think. More on our investigation on jailed minor migrants with a major long read piece: Borderlands.

20/02/2020 Failing Asylum System

Solidarity is a value that European leaders often refer to, especially in reference to the various crises of the past years. But if you take a look at what happens at Europe’s borders, you can see how the entire asylum system lacks the very values our governments praise. Read our special report from the Moria refugee camp, and discover why Europe is responsible for such dire conditions.

15/01/2019 Minor Migrants: Detained In Europe’s Prisons

Jailing children is against international treaties. But if the kid is a migrant, European governments don’t care. We spent three months researching the inhumane jailing of children across Europe. Read our findings. Plus, more on Secrets Of The Council, a special series investigating the Council of the European Union and its opaque law-making processes.

03/01/2020 Investigate Europe’s plans for 2020

Happy New Year! Read on to know why we are fundraising. Plus, the launch of a new cross border investigation: Secrets of The Council, a long term project looking at the workings of the Council of the European Union.

19/12/2019 How Europe detains minor migrants + Free Assange

Our reporters visit detention centres where European governments are detaining child migrants. We launch an animated video that details our child migrant investigation. Why we disagree with the jailing of Julian Assange, and more on Chinese investors in Norway in Arctic Silk Road.

22/11/2019 How China silences critics in Europe

As part of our investigation into Chinese investors in Europe, we look at how China silences critics of its human rights violations (labelled as “internal affairs”) through economic and political pressure. Even in Europe, politicians get unpleasant visits, minorities are spied on, and CEOs of global companies bow to pressure.

01/11/2019 Undercover report: Inside a troll farm

Polish journalist Katarszyna Pruszkiewicz spent six months working undercover at a commercial “troll farm” in Warsaw, helping to manage almost 200 fake accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a company called Cat@Net. This report offers a rare insight into a company that turned the spreading of hate and propaganda into a business model.

22/10/2019 Chinese investors: threat or blessing? + Shady privatisation in Portugal

How is China’s money changing Europe? Are countries selling their economic strength to a new superpower? Is China a partner or a “systemic rival”? In an in-depth investigation that spanned several months, Investigate Europe reporters found highly contradictory answers.

20/09/2019 China’s Investment in Europe + Microsoft & BlackRock

With an increasingly bitter trade war between the US and China, Europe is finding itself caught in the middle, without a clear and united policy on how it deals with Chinese investment. Investigate Europe reporters travelled from Portugal to the outskirts of Norwegian Kirkenes and found answers that might contradict a few of your expectations. Plus, updates on our BlackRock and Microsoft investigations.