You did work for us and want to send us an invoice? Here’s all the information you need:

Our address:
Investigate Europe gSCE mbH
Rykestraße 26
10405 Berlin

E-Mail for invoices: invoices at

Please mention in the invoice the person you agreed with about the service to be provided.

If you are outside of Germany:

Our VAT number is VAT-Number: DE 3281 87520
Please don’t put VAT on the invoice. Instead mention “reverse charge” (which means we pay the VAT directly, not via you.)

If you are in Germany:

Please either put VAT on the invoice, or mention that you are using the “Kleinunternehmenregelung” and therefore don’t charge VAT.

We can read and process invoices in German, but prefer English. Other languages should be avoided.

Our German tax number is 29/660/02355
Our business bank account is:
GLS Bank Bochum
IBAN DE24 4306 0967 1017 4717 01

Investigate Europe Italia

If you are working for Investigate Europe Italia, e.g., because your work is related to projects funded by the CARIPLO foundation, you need to invoice:

Investigate Europe Italia
Piazza Giovanni Amendola
320149 Milano (MI)

Investigate Europe has no VAT number, but does have an Italian codice fiscale. It can be mentioned on the invoice:
Codice fiscale IE Italia: 97872550153

If your work is related to a specific CARIPLO project, please mention the project number on the invoice. For 2020, this is “project reference 2020-6066”.

We can read and process invoices for IE Italia in English, but prefer Italian. Other languages should be avoided.