About us

Investigating a changing Europe

We, experienced journalists from eleven European countries, are “Investigate Europe”.

We research as a multinational team. We share, merge and crosscheck facts – tackling the usual national bias. We point out responsible transnational structures and actors in issues of European-wide relevance to make it possible to hold them accountable.

Making transnational structures visible and actors accountable

Faced with a series of crises that paralyse the Old Continent, Europeans are dismayed. Most know that our lives are affected by developments well beyond our national borders. Most know that globalisation has made us massively dependent on one another and that Europe has never been as integrated as today.
But big changes influenced by forces and decision-makers that people find too distant, create insecurity and breed political distrust. This opens space for populist movements that promise people a return to a simpler world behind national borders.

But today’s world doesn’t stop at national borders. Journalists shouldn’t either. However, facts and analysis of our interdependence are rare issues in European media.

Only networks and teams with members from across Europe are able to collect and decipher this information.


We are such a team.

Investigate Europe’s experienced reporters come from Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and Great Britain. Our working method is to research issues simultaneously, share all information and report in our respective national media, having crosschecked facts and potential national bias.

Our investigations deal with key issues related to this changing Europe, such as waste of public money, precarisation of work and European border control. We identify responsible structures and actors in order to make it possible to hold them accountable. Additionally, we blog regularly on topics of European-wide relevance.

Collaborative cross-border journalism is more necessary than ever to explain a changing world. The success of our project heavily depends on sources, information and support from among the public. We are grateful for such input. Help us Investigate Europe!


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