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Harald Schumann studied landscape architecture in Berlin and has worked as a journalist since 1983, amongst others for the daily newspaper Tageszeitung (1984-86), Der Spiegel magazine (1986-2004), and since 2004 for the daily Berliner Tagesspiegel. He has written several books, among them “Die Globalisierungsfalle” (“The globalisation trap” ) (1996), co-authored with Hans-Peter Martin and translated into 24 languages. Harald has won multiple awards, among them the 2012 Ernst-Schneider-Preis of German business for testing speculation during the Greek crisis and the 2013 German Television Award for the documentary “Staatsgeheimnis Bankenrettung” (“The secret bank bailout”). Harald lives in Berlin.
17 12, 2019

Jailing of Assange: An attack on press freedom

Doctors and UN experts call for an end to the psychological torture of Julian Assange amid contrived espionage charges. What is happening to him is not only a terrible injustice, it’s a major threat to the freedom of the press and something all journalists should be concerned about. 

Polish bus driver in Norway talking to his family at home – Credit: Fredrik Refvem / Aftenbladet
4 04, 2018

The child benefit lie: How the German government serves the populists

BY HARALD SCHUMANN How much nationalist blindness can politics tolerate before it becomes completely irrational? Politicians of the grand coalition in Germany are demonstrating the urgency of this question. The starting point is the annually recurring statistics of the German Federal Employment Agency. In 2017, around 343 million euros in child benefits were paid to families whose children live in other countries while their parents are working in Germany. This affected a total of 249 473 children in Poland, Romania, Canada, Croatia and a good dozen other countries. The right-wing populists of the “Alternative für Deutschland“ (AfD) use these [...]

European Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly Credit: European Parliament/flickr
26 02, 2018

Legislation in the “Black Box“ of the EU Council – where secrecy feeds mistrust

BY HARALD SCHUMANN There’s no doubt that there are some very good people working for the European Union. One of them is Emily O’Reilly, the EU’s Ombudsman. With diligence and tenacity, the Irishwoman has been fighting for years for transparency and accountability in European institutions. Whether it’s the infiltration of the European Commission by lobbyists, the exploitation of interns in the foreign service or European Central Bank head, Mario Draghi’s questionable membership of a finance industry lobby club, O’ Reilly calls out abuses of power by name and fights on behalf of citizens. Rights undermined  Now, she has started against [...]