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An unexpected change is sweeping through Angola


BY PAULO PENA He was internationally dismissed as an unwilling to change “loyal party soldier”. But after serving 100 days in office, João Lourenço, Angola’s new president, is busy purging the state apparatus of the ruling family. The daughter of the former president, her banks and her phone company – or: how a regime change in Angola may affect Portugal through the accumulated wealth and the investments of the African country’s former presidential family. Three months can be a long time in politics. Angola’s new president João Lourenço – the 52 year old former Defense Minister with a made-in-the-Soviet-Union [...]

An unexpected change is sweeping through Angola2018-05-21T10:30:10+02:00

The overlooked past of the “next PM of Greece”


BY NIKOLAS LEONTOPOULOS The current leader of the Greek opposition, New Democracy party leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis, is odds-on favourite to become the next Greek prime minister. Both German and US media have dubbed him a “star of the people” offering Greece “a glimmer of hope”. A sworn reformist, he slams nepotism and corruption. And yet that international praise ignores hard facts – such as the inclusion of his spouse in the Paradise Papers or his personal involvement in the biggest corruption scandal of the last 30 years in Greece. This is the extended version of a story first published with [...]

The overlooked past of the “next PM of Greece”2018-05-21T10:30:41+02:00
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