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The end of the “Jamaica” illusion in Germany: A blessing for the future of the EU


BY HARALD SCHUMANN The collapse of the negotiations for a new government gives the German political elite a second chance to avoid a capital mistake. Reform and democratisation of the EU could finally get the attention it deserves. The chancellor is shattered, the party leaders are at a loss, the Federal President is angry. The end of the so-called Jamaica coalition (named after the party colours) before its start seems to throw the Germans into a deep political crisis. By default, this also affects Europe as a whole. Without a stable government in Berlin, the European Union will hardly [...]

The end of the “Jamaica” illusion in Germany: A blessing for the future of the EU2018-05-21T10:32:15+02:00

A good chance to fight (PiS) propaganda in Poland


Photo: Woijciech Cieśla / July 2017, Warsaw, Plac Krasinskich (Krasinskis Square). Picture taken by the author during a protest after the Polish Parliament passed a bill giving the government the power to force all Supreme Court judges into retirement. BY WOJCIECH CIESLA The politics of Poland’s ruling party “Law and Justice” (PiS) nowadays promote allies as unpredictable as Donald Trump; as politically marginal as Viktor Orbán; and as troublesome as Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The freedom of the press has begun to suffer in countries that once seemed to be young and growing or well-established democracies. We, the [...]

A good chance to fight (PiS) propaganda in Poland2018-05-21T10:33:16+02:00
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