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Martin Schulz, February 2017, Credit: SPD Saar
14 03, 2017

Martin Schulz – is he really an alternative to Angela Merkel?

BY HARALD SCHUMANN The SPD chancellor candidate is supposed to bring new momentum into German politics. But his actions as the president of the European Parliament raises doubts. Finally! Finally, one would like to shout, Germany’s Social Democrats are owning up to their responsibilities. With Martin Schulz, the new top man from Brussels, the SPD – for the first time in 13 years – has re-established itself as a real alternative to the eternal chancellor and her Christian Union. More equity in wages and taxes, a clear edge against Trump, a democratic Europe in solidarity – Schulz strikes the right [...]

Jeronimo de Sousa (Communist Party), Antonio Costa (Socialist, Primeminister) and Catarina Martins (Bloquo Esquerda) // Source: Geringonça
3 03, 2017

How Portugal manages to square the circle

BY PAULO PENA Portugal used to be the former poster child of the EU crisis countries. Now it has a new left government which opposes austerity – and became a role model for European socialists. How did this happen? There’s an old cartoon, by João Abel Manta: the Portuguese borders chalk-drawn on a black board in front of a crowd of curious students. Among many scholars that shaped the ideological debate back in those days in 1975, there’s Gandhi, Marx, Mao. The illustration is called “A ponderous problem”. There hasn’t been much intellectual brainstorming over Portugal since the Carnation [...]