Monthly Archives: November 2016

Will he soon be waving Good-bye? Mario Renzi connected his future to the outcome of the Referendum at 4th of december. Photo: Flickr/European Council
24 11, 2016

The Italian Dilemma

BY MARIA MAGGIORE If I vote YES I will hand over democracy, the balance of power, our history to one single man and a few oligarchs. If I vote NO the country will not change, there will still be 945 members in Parliament – it’s the second biggest parliament in Europe with regard to the number of MPs after the UK (577 in France and 699 in Germany) and the most expensive. So, we will be stuck with a long and difficult legislative process. If I vote YES, I tell Renzi, “please, go ahead”. Laws will be passed more [...]

The Norwegian royal family itself has a complex immigration background. Photo: Sven Gj. Gjeruldsen, The royal court
14 11, 2016

The king’s speech and the queen’s echo

BY INGEBORG ELIASSEN The governments of Denmark and Norway are competing in making their public the most timid in Europe. The debate of immigration becomes a question of  “identity” in contrast to “the others”. Norway is lagging a bit. We have King Harald. Margrethe has been queen of the Danes since 1972.  She just published a book which deals a lot with what it means to be Danish. The message is this, according to news reports: ”We Danes should explain better the values that our country are based on. And we must set requirements for people who want to become part [...]