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And it’s not just Greece. Portugal and Italy, beware! Reforms on the way.
30 09, 2016

How Brussels is obstructing the prosecution of corruption cases in Greece

BY NIKOLAS LEOTOPOULOS From the Commission’s spokesperson to the president of Eurogroup himself, a crowd of EU officials have been trying to block Greek judges from doing their jobs. As for the new privatization fund, board members and experts, from top to bottom, can commit crimes as they please: By law, no judge can investigate them, no court can try them. For a good eight years now, politicians, pundits and ordinary citizens have been quarreling over the merits (or lack thereof) of economic policies imposed on Greece by its lenders, notably the EU Commission. Was austerity beneficial or catastrophic? Did [...]

Demonstration in Lisbon against the “troika”. Photo: Nuno Ferreira Santos, Público
11 09, 2016

The reporter who mistook his bias for success

BY PAULO PENA How one of the most influential German newspapers got many facts wrong in just one report. Thomas Urban, the Madrid-based Iberian correspondent of the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, just wrote an article about the recent change in the “right track” that both Portugal’s and Spain’s reforms used to be on. His argument is simple: 1. The socialists created a problem in both countries’ economies. (Let’s leave that in peace, although it is easy to find on Wikipedia that in the last 26 years, since 1990, both in Portugal and in Spain, Socialists and Conservatives have been roughly 13 [...]