Pharma firms stash profits in Europe's tax havens as patients struggle with drug prices

Investigate Europe finds 15 of the world’s biggest drugmakers operate more than 1,300 subsidiaries in low-tax territories. These structures helped them amass €580 billion in profits in the past five years. Meanwhile, patients face life-threatening delays for medicines due to high drug prices.

28 June 2024

Maxence Peigné

Antibiotic defences: Ukraine war reignites concerns over global bacteria resistance

Multi-resistant bacteria kill tens of thousands in Europe as the antibiotics don't work. New types are less profitable to develop, so it is not done. Faced with the third biggest threat to public health in Europe, the EU is proposing billions in subsidies to tempt the pharma industry into action.

25 June 2024

Amund Trellevik, Ingeborg Eliassen

Big pharma influence hangs over Europe’s medicines regulator

Investigate Europe has found that the European Medicines Agency is beset by several conflict of interest concerns over professional and financial ties to industry. It is also facing growing criticism for fast-tracking drugs that could pose serious risks to patients.

17 June 2024

Leïla Miñano, Maria Maggiore, Manuel Rico, Catrien Spijkerman

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