VICE Greece documentary | The EU Commission, the defense lobbies and the refugee crisis

With filming and interviews in Athens, Lesbos, Lisbon, Brussels and Naples, the documentary by VICE Greece follows the cross-border work of the Investigate Europe journalists as they investigate the industries that are banking on the border business and the security threats in Europe.

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The film is also available on the VICE platform here.

Length: 49 min. Language: Greek, with English subtitles.

For three months, Investigate Europe and VICE Greece investigated how the security and the defense lobby shaped the EU Commission’s response to the refugee crisis.

The film was first broadcast in Greece on Antenna TV on January 7, 2017. It was screened in May 2017 at Dataharvest 2017, the biggest European investigative journalism event of the year, and in the International Days of Peace in Brussels in September 2017.