Italy: Business of Security – how much we pay for EU border control

The Security issue is the only one on which today all European countries agree. People ask for more security and politicians give it to them. Its a toxic mix: security, immigration and terrorism are competing in transforming our continent into a fortress ready to fight against the enemy. But do militarization and more security measures really help to manage migration flows, to reduce illegal immigration and human trafficking?  Coming from 8 different countries, we tried to answer to this questions. We met border guards, prosecutors, Navy Generals, NGOs, Commissioners, we went to visit secret data-bases, EU agencies. The overall picture shows a very complex system, often not connected, unknown by citizens – sometimes even by politicians – and very expensive. The European Defense industry is profiting of this investment race, suggesting to European Institutions how to write new laws, a “big eye” is about to be built. It will make all of us possible suspects, vulnerables. But it will not make our lives more secure.”

Read more in Italian via Corriere della sera’s web-report with eight video-interviews, graphics and pictures