Author: Wojciech Ciesla

BLOG: A good chance to fight (PiS) propaganda in Poland

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Photo: Woijciech Cieśla / July 2017, Warsaw, Plac Krasinskich (Krasinskis Square). Picture taken by the author during a protest after the Polish Parliament passed a bill giving the government the power to force all Supreme Court judges into retirement.

The politics of Poland’s ruling party “Law and Justice” (PiS) nowadays promote allies as unpredictable as Trump; as politically marginal as Orbán, and as troublesome as Erdoğan. The freedom of the press has begun to suffer in countries that once seemed to be young and growing or well-established democracies. We, the journalists, need to wake up.

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Why Europe’s dependency on Microsoft is a huge security risk

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This dependency is solid. Credit: Martin Abegglen/flickr

On May 12 hackers hit more than a hundred countries exploiting a stolen N.S.A. tool that targeted vulnerabilities of Microsoft software. The attacks infected only machines running Windows. Among the victims are public administrative bodies such as NHS hospitals in the UK. Investigate Europe spent months to investigate the dire dependency of European countries on Microsoft – and the security risks this entails. Read our full investigation in ENGLISH.

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BLOG: Poles apart

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Bread and salt - the traditional Polish welcoming gesture.

Throughout history, Poles have known migration. In recent history, they were refugees themselves. Poles were less islamophobic than other Europeans for a long time after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001. But last year they elected a government that closes its doors on refugees, Muslims in particular, and which rejects a common European relocation system for people in need.
What happened to Polish generosity?

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